Nelson Road

  • Full Rear Dormer
  • 1920s & 1930s Terrace

We don’t just do lofts here. Our clients were keen to make the most of their London 1920’s terraced house

The outcome

Looking to breathe lots of life into their home, our clients wanted much more than a traditional loft extension. Helping them realise their dreams, our team set to work creating plans for two extensions - on the ground floor and in the loft; from a full rear dormer to enable the build.

Wanting to bring the outside in, their new fabulous kitchen and living space did just that; thanks to stunning bi-fold doors, a superb fitted kitchen, plus a great seating area too. Upstairs, a new bedroom and ensuite finished the house beautifully. Our clients wanted every detail to be of the highest standard, and we were happy to deliver great results and a return on investment.

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