Hamilton Crescent

  • Full Rear Dormer
  • 1920s & 1930s Terrace

Searching for a tranquil space to be added to their Victorian semi-detached home, our customers came to us for inspiration

The outcome

With a gorgeous property on their hands, our owners wanted to find a company who could fulfil their dreams of a luxurious space, and came to us to make their wishes come true. Situated in a leafy neighbourhood, it was essential that the build was in keeping with the area.

Choosing a full rear dormer meant we could create a superb space with lots of natural light. We were able to deliver on all counts, with high-end design and lots of bright space thanks to Velux windows and bedroom windows. A fabulous ensuite bathroom exuding quality really met the bill, with beautiful floor and wall tiles and quality sanitaryware, gorgeous gloss units and an excellent walk-in shower.

  • 5.0 /5
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  • 4.9 /5