Often requiring planning permission mansard loft conversions are ideal for London city properties and frequently chosen for older homes.

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We understand that converting or extending your loft is a major decision. If you think that a mansard loft is ideal for your home, we’ll guide you through the process.

Our clients choose mansard loft conversions as they maximise the space of their loft – imagine how your family and home will benefit. We’re happy to advise you with our free planning permission consultation.

Will I need planning permission?

Often built by raising the gable/party walls on both sides of your home, we place the mansard and build the timber frame to meet the needs of your loft. The top part of the roof is mainly horizontal, with the lower slope at 72 degrees; near to vertical.

Once you’ve decided that a mansard loft conversion is the choice for your home, we’ll arrange for our professional architects and surveyors to visit your property and prepare plans.

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At Central Lofts & Extensions, we’re proud to be experts in every aspect of transforming loft spaces across London. From design, through planning, to completion our team of design and construction professionals will create your dream loft.


  • Do you take care of planning permission and building regulations?

    Where we make the difference is in our service to you. We give you the peace of mind you need – taking all the responsibility of ensuring that all approvals, building regulations and planning permissions are met.

  • What types of mansard loft conversions are there?

    Concave mansard roof: Popular in the 19th century, these loft roof conversions can either be flared or curve inward. Some can be designed with a lower slope that has a steep angle.

    Convex mansard roof: Frequently found on courthouses with clock towers, the mansard roof has a lower slope that curves outward, with a wide cornice base reinforced by heavy brackets.

    Straight mansard roof: These have dormer windows found in the almost vertical lower slope, with the upper slope not normally viewed from ground level. Straight mansard lofts can be two storeys and provide extra space.

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