There’s a new ‘loft’ in town which appears to be rising in popularity with our clients – the ‘new generation’ loft conversion.

At Central Lofts & Extensions we’re focused on successfully delivering in accordance to our clients needs. And we’re finding that our clients are increasingly looking to fulfil their demand for ‘new generation’ loft conversions. Although they’re often considered to be spaces for teenagers to find their independence and have their own area to enjoy, we’ve heard from many of our clients who have told us their own opinion of ‘new generation’ loft conversions.

Our Clients

One such family who were looking for potential space-changing ideas were Evan and Joanna. Originally they didn’t want to have their loft converted, however they soon decided that they wanted to give their daughter her own space. Transforming it as a present for her thirteenth birthday, she chose to make her new bedroom into a music room too; carefully arranging her musical instruments, and giving her much-needed privacy. It’s a perfect example of a room for a new generation.

Just because the term is ‘new generation’ doesn’t necessarily mean that the room owner has to be young! One of our clients, David Miller, was looking for a den where he could spend much of his time with friends. A young 50 years old, he had lots of ideas that he brought to Central Lofts & Extensions, who carefully crafted all of the structural works; enabling David to enjoy putting the black and chrome interiors and furnishings together.